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I know somebody has seen the ads for this. I found one in the Rolling Stone. This is kind of a cool looking piece for $99. I played guitar forever and the stylized guitar shaped case is pretty unique.

I know, I know, it has a Chinese movement but the dial looks pretty good with the Arabic and Roman Numerals.

Does anyone have any experiences with Stauer watches?

[*]27 Jewels
[*]7 to 11 O'Clock Position in Roman index)
[*]Blue Color Index and hands (with S Logo Second hand)
[*]Available in stainless Steel and Gold Fused Bezel and Case
[*]Band Width 20mm
[*]Wrist Accommodations 6 ¾” to 8 ¼”
[*]Solid Back
  • 1 to 5 O'Clock Position (in Arabic Index)
  • 6 and 12 O'Clock Position With Bold Marking
  • 3 Eyes With Month , Days of The Week, and Calendar
  • Genuine Leather Band
  • Band Length 9 ½”
  • Case Thickness 13mm
  • 3atm Water Resistant
  • Case Diameter 53mm
Just wondering.

Here's a kinda crappy picture.

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I've been looking at this watch for some time now. Trying to decide if Stauer is a good watch. I have never heard anything bad but i have never heard any good either....for $99 its worth giving it a try. Hey even if the movement isnt great, It will still look great on your wrist
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