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Hello, fellow watch enthusiast I hope you are having a wonderful day, I am so fortunate to be at my happy place here at my villa in beautiful Koh Chang Thailand.

While swimming in the pool I gazed at my wrist and looked at my watch and thought to myself how fortunate I am to be in this particular place in the world wearing this watch. I must have done something right in my previous life.
I am not an ambassador to Omega, not an Omega fanboy just an Omega watch owner although I have posted pictures of this watch before I never get tired of talking about it.

I owned this watch since the mid-1990's, I have taken it everywhere from the Caribbean to Canada Mexico, the East and West coasts of the US and in between, Hawaii, and of course Southeast Asia where I spend 3 to 4 months of the year in Thailand.

Now, it is not my favorite watch in my collection, nor is it the everyday watch but what it is is an everywhere watch, it is built to last. It is functional and I have taken it scuba diving, snorkeling, skiing and just swimming in the pool, I have used the chronograph to time transactions when I was working and in over 25 years I never had a problem with this watch

If anyone is on the fence about buying an Omega due to cost factors I would tell them if you can afford it do so without putting yourself in a financial bind. I know there are other watches that are built to last like Rolex but right now I am raving about Omega If you have to spend a few bucks more for an Omega do so because in my experience they are going to last and it is a watch that will always be with the times regardless of trends. As I said before I am not an ambassador to Omega I am not an Omega fanboy I just own an Omega that has served me well and is built to last.
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Ultra cool post HobHoner ! :cool::D Thank you so so much for posting
this up for us !!!

I just love posts like this because you can see the honesty, along with
just sheer happiness within your words. :) It's very uplifting, as well
as incredibly fun to see. And actually it makes you appreciate a watch
like the Seamaster even more. Not to mention Omega a lot more too !
Seriously, between the design, and quality of the watch, as well as
hearing all your experiences you've had with it, it really makes you
understand what makes a watch special.

It's of course the watch itself, but it's the time we've spent with the
watch. ..The experiences had a long the way with family and friends
while wearing it. Or remembering where you were or what you were
doing while enjoying the watch. It's everything.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get to own an Omega, but it's unbelievably
enjoyable hearing how much you have enjoyed this one sir. (y)(y)

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Thank you, Tom, you always give positive responses and make it worthwhile for every member to continue to participate in this forum.
You are too kind HH. (y):D

And may I say, right back at you because I would say that it is
yourself, along with members like you. ..Stories like this, along
with watches like this, which make it worthwhile for members to
continue having fun at the forum. ;)

Yes, no doubt, the thanks goes to you !

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Nice. I’m glad to hear it has provided so much enjoyment.

Two things come to mind.

First, it’s a great classic design that is not as cartoonish as newer models. It’s a lot more subtle, even for a chronograph, than today’s 3-hand model.

Second, is how good the condition of the bezel insert is. Have you replaced that before? The watch appears to have some mileage, but that bezel is in very good condition for a 25+ year old watch.
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