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I am reading a novel named "Dead Zero" written by Stephen Hunter the author of "Bob Lee Swagger" series which maybe you know from the movie "Shooter".
I have been reading this Swagger series for a while and I am used to read the ultimate details of many sniper rifles or guns. But this time Hunter aimed to describe what the watchman is and what is in his mind..
I have never met like this in a novel. I just wanted to share and hear your comments. It may take some time to read but I highly recommend.

I skip the story of the book and just explain the characters on this chapter.
Zarzi is a very rich man from Afghanistan, Gul (or Abba Gul) his personal maid. On the scene, he is in one of a Four Seasons hotel room in Washington DC..

I don't know if the general watch discussion forum is suitable for this thread, if not please replace.

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I bet many forum members would like to read A Grand Complication, by Stacy Perman.

More than telling the story of the Graves pocket watch, it also provides very detailed and personal biographical info on the two greatest American patrons of luxury watches, Ward Packard (a brilliant engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and pioneer of the automobile) and Henry Graves (basically born into an exorbitantly wealthy family).

American history buffs will like it, fans of automobile history will like it ... just a really great multidimensional book.


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Never read a bad Stephen Hunter book. Go way back before the Swagger series to the 1980s for some gems.

Bob Lee Swagger Series
  1. Point of Impact (1993)
  2. Black Light (1996)
  3. Time to Hunt (1998)
  4. The 47th Samurai (2007)
  5. Night of Thunder (2008)
  6. I, Sniper (2009)
  7. Dead Zero (2010)
  8. The Third Bullet (2013)
  9. Sniper's Honor (May 2014)
Earl Swagger Series

  1. Hot Springs (2000)
  2. Pale Horse Coming (2001)
  3. Havana (2003)
Ray Cruz

  1. Dead Zero (2010)
  2. Soft Target (2011)
Other novels

  • The Master Sniper (1980)
  • The Second Saladin (1982)
  • Target (film novelization) (1985)
  • The Spanish Gambit (reissued as Tapestry of Spies) (1985)
  • The Day Before Midnight (1989)
  • Dirty White Boys (1994) This book is the prequel to events in Black Light (Bob Lee Swagger series)
  • I, Ripper (2015)
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