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Tim Temple wrote:
Finally got the tech done to log into SNBC email today. Was hoping for maybe a few emails from fans of the show welcoming me back, and instead was treated to almost 1000. What can I say but wow.. thank you so much to anyone who wrote! Will try to post this several places to try to reach as many as possible that participated in the deluge, as am discovering that answering individually is proving to be a daunting task indeed. What an amazing surprise and truly appreciated, so again, thank you!!
Most Sincerely,
Tim :)
Tim, you are very i said when i contacted you about this forum, your were the reason i started watching shopnbc..........and i am very glad your back at "home". You bring a world of knowledge to shopnbc, and i also never feel like im being scammed into ordering something when your on the air.........You are good at what you do, and i thank you so much for posting here whenever you can............
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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