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A Frustrating Amazon Experience

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I placed a $160 Amazon order on the 13th of this month. Supposed to arrive on the 16th. As of the 16th tracking indicated that it had not yet shipped. Finally shipped on the 18th after a phone call to Amazon support. Supposed Amazon delivery. Then it vanished. No updates even now on the 22nd. Phoned for replacement and none of the items were available for replacement. I have received a refund after much time on the phone but I still want the items. The Lutein pills need to be reordered and the Casio watch is out of stock until mid June estimated. IMO Amazon deliveries have gotten worse since they started doing most of the deliveries themselves in metropolitan areas. When they lose a package it seems to be truly lost or stolen by an employee. This has been a total PITA experience and Amazon service seems to be getting worse over time.
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Man, that is terrible Astro, and the pills sound like they are the most
important part here if I am being honest. And we have had issues
like this as well, but not so much with Amazon. So I think it happens
every now and again with everyone or every service. But I think you
are on to something with the companies maybe trying to do too
much. ;)

Plus there are so many people ordering things, that it's almost
amazing that we get any of the things we want or need on time. :giggle:
In any case, I really hope the pills get to you soon, and the watch
maybe follows right behind.

So sorry about the stress, but thx a lot for the post about all of it !!!
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I have been a Amazon Prime member since shortly after it was established, primarily for free shipping and rapid delivery. When started it basically guaranteed delivery within 48 hours for all items in stock and sold by Amazon. The other current "Benefits" are of minimal interest to me and the fast delivery seems to have vanished for in stock items.
A few months ago we received a postage due notice from USPS; it was an Amazon order that went as far as our local Amazon delivery store - then to the post office. As wife needed the item she went to the post office and paid for it ($10).

While there wife heard from the post-mistress. Apparently the driver was lazy so dropped it in a mailbox, marked as delivered. Post mistress says they now have a bin full of items patrons have declined to pay shipping on; and with no address to return it to the post office is stuck with it.

Wife called Amazon (India) and eventually got a credit for the USPS bill.
Wrascal; Not too surprising as I have read that Amazon delivery drivers are kept ridiculously busy with their routes to the point that some haul around a container to urinate in while on the go. NOT employee friendly!:(:eek:
Similar experience just last week, Astro.

Ordered two Barton straps on sale on Saturday, due in on Tuesday.
11 quid each, limited time deal.

No tracking updates on Wednesday, already late.

On Thursday, tracking says delivered and signed by "Joan". No Joan in my house. And why does it need a sig, $22 order.

Chat with Amazon support on Friday and got a refund.

Then I find out UPS delivered to a UPS store.

Amazon app didn't tell me that though.

So I got two cheap straps free.

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