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A Fine Smaller Vintage Pocketwatch

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One of the oldest watch manufacturing companies in the United States, American Waltham (1851 - 1957 --- also manufactured watches later as the Waltham Watch Company), produced millions of watches over the years, first pocketwatches, then wristwatches. The first productions, were, as were all early watch productions, pocketwatches in all sizes from 0 to 20. American Waltham was known for manufacturing some of the best quality watches available.

(Note that the same Waltham name is now used on cheap watches, not anyplace close to the very high quality American Waltham watches that weremade before the company was sold).

Continuing with posting pocketwatches from my collection, this beautiful, smaller pocketwatch is bit of a digression from the Railroad Grade pocketwatches. Prior to the strict standards established for RR Grade pocketwatches, watch manufacturers made their pocketwatches to their own standards, sizes, styles, decorations. Many of the early pocketwatches were very beautiful creations, encased in solid gold, with decorated movements that often were gold plated. This size 6 American Waltham pocketwatch is no exception to that criteria.

Watches of this size were generally carried by ladies, affixed to their dresses by a chain attached to a broach pin. A size 6 pocketwatch measures approximately 1.75 inches in diameter (including the case) and the size 6 movement measures 1.366 inches in diameter or approximately 34.7 mm. Gentlemen did carry from time to time watches of this size too, but only for formal or dress occasions, the watch attached to a vest pocket chain that spanned the vest from left to right, the watch then tucked safely into a vest pocket.

This American Waltham, model 1890, size 6, 15 jewel movement, serial number 5,605,685 was manufactured in 1891 making it 119 years old. It still runs and keeps acceptable time. While it is not perfect in all respects, it is a very fine example of 19th century watchmaking, housed in a 14k gold embellished hunter case.

The first photo is of the outside front of the gold case, showing the intricate embossing:

Picture two is of the fancy back cover of the gold case --- The front and back of the gold case are quite similar in design, the exception being on the front of the case, a space for personalization initials --- however, no initials are present on this case, adding to its value:

Picture three shows the case opened fully, and all three covers (front, back, and movement covers):

Picture four shows the fancy, gold-guilded dial of the watch:

The last picture is of the gold plated movement, clearly showing the serial number and the American Waltham engravings:

Thanks to all who took the time to read my post and view the pictures. I will continue to post additional pocketwatches from my collection. Pocketwatches were the mainstream long before wristwatches came to popularity. This doesnot detract from my love of wristwatches, however, I also have a large collection of those and will be posting in other sections wristwatch photos.

Many regards to all . . .
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It's simply stunning to be looking at a timepiece that's almost 120 year old!

I love the dial and the intricate case work.

Thanks again for sharing this!

I need to dig out the pics of the few pocketwatches I've owned. :)
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My small Waltham model 1891 size 0 (35mm case, 28mm movement) circa 1897

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Nice Waltham, nice old FOB too.
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Nice watches.Thanks for sharing with us.
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