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I don't think I posted this here, oh well maybe on the for sale section. The watch has been sold and shipped now but I guess I could share a couple of pics. This is a Ticino diver 40mm wide, 20mm lugs, sapphire crystal, Seiko NH35 automatic movement, Dagaz dial and hands.


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Oh man, this is gone Carlo?! 馃槻馃樀 Well at least you have these great
pictures, along with memories.馃槈馃槑 Seriously, don't remember a Ticino
looking anything close to this. Except for the bezel, this latest masterpiece
took everything that was nice about their diver, and amplified it I think. It's
spectacular !!! 馃く

Take just the triangle on the bezel being played of sir, and how incredibly
cool that is ! Love the echo effect of it as it goes from the bezel, to the
neat dial, to the striking hands. Then is joined by a chorus of outstanding
markings, and numbers. Not to mention NATO ! Yowza, love that too !!!
It's a creation that really takes your breath away, and it's awesome that
someone will be enjoying it Carlo. Really awesome ! 馃槂

THX so so much for posting about this one !!!

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Like the lume!
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