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Hey everyone, saw this cool look at the new Super Sea Wolf that Garrick talked about back in the Spring, and thought it would be neat to post about. :)

A Blog to Watch got a good look at one evidently, and it seems like Zodiac really did a nice job. You get a great feel for the case, and how comfortable it is. The impressive 1000m water resistance, and also neat "safety' system the bezel evidently has. On top of that, you learn about a COSC Chronometer version. Wow, didn't even know about that. Did you guys?

Here's the look everybody...

A few pics also...


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Wow! Tom.Wow!
Zodiacs (except killer Zodiacs) are awesome.
Wish the wife (Big Tilder) would slip one under the tree Christmas.
Alas, that wont happen as long as Elaine Bryant keeps sellin stuff
online. Danged fun killin wimmen.

Lou Snutt
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