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8 New SNPR Leather Works Straps

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Hello all. I have 8 new SNPR Leather Works Straps ready to go.

1. 24mm Horween Whiskey Patina with a black stitch. $175.00

2. 24mm Vintage English Bridle...$175.00

3. 24mm Horween Brown Nut Derby....$175.00

4. 24mm Horween Dark Brown Cavalier...$175.00

5. 24mm Horween Soft padded strap....$175.00

6. 24mm Horween Pale Strap dark edges....$175.00

7. 24mm Horween Vintage Black.....$175.00

8. 24mm Horween SNPR Series 74......$175.00

All these straps are discounted and are usually over $200.00 with a 20+ week wait. These are ready to ship immediately. Holes will be punched upon purchase. Buckle choice available in Brushed SS or PVD Black. PayPal or Credit accepted.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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