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60's Bucherer

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My Father bought this on a business trip to Switzerland, I'm guessing 1967 time frame. It's the watch that sparked my interest in watches. As a kid I was struck by how thin it was and the notion it could self wind itself. Up until then I thought all watches had to be hand wound. I also remember my Dad talking about Switzerland. It was my first introduction to Geneva, Basel and Lucerne. It fascinated me and although I've seen much of the world, I've never been to Switzerland. I hope to go there one day. I also should restore this watch.

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If I'm correct Bucherer are a large Swiss watch dealer. The only Rolex connection I know of is that they had Rolex branded teaspoons made to give away to customers. I have one of those. This is a watch to have restored and to be worn with pride! Very Sixties 'Mad Men' indeed.
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