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3-5pm Invicta Show

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Spit out the gum, put the cell phones on vibrate,put the dog out...Jim is on The Shop

Nice cases!
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dane1991 wrote:
i dont suppose anybody here knows if shop nbc ship to the united kingdom?? i doubt they do because its not shown over here :( but they have some awesome stuff that i cant get over here!!

I just looked it up to make sure . . . and they won't ship out of the US . . .

Can I ship an order outside of the United States?

Question: Can I ship an order outside of the United States?

Answer: ShopNBC delivers orders within the United States only.There are currently no options to ship products to non-US destinations.

Only watches and jewelry items may be shipped to PO boxes.We do not deliver to FPOs, or APOs. Also, ShopNBC does not deliver to military bases or Puerto Rico at this time.
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