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Celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary over the weekend. These are from my wonderful wife.

Shinola makes incredible pieces and really offer a beautiful presentation in a wooden box and a leather sheath included.

The Runwell and the Brakeman.

Runwell came with a black strap, and she included the tobacco alligator as well.

Love the heck out of these!

These actually came from our local Shinola store in Plano, TX.


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Happy Anniversary Texas !!! :smile::thumb::thumb: Huge congratulations to you, and your wife there ! ..I'm sure the years have flown by. Fantastic sir, and what a way for you to celebrate. Your wife has some phenomenal taste evidently. I mean both of these watches look like pieces of art, and are just gorgeous. :eek: :eek: Have seen a lot about Shinola in the last couple of years, but yowza these are incredible TT ! Hope you really enjoy, and big congratulations once again on your Anniversary, and newest arrivals here !

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This one is especially nice!

I really, really like this one too, but the cost for these watches is in outer space for a quartz watch. $750. ????

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