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Sold and on their way to sunny Florida in the morning. Thanks, WF!

I have two too many of these. Great straps and a significant improvement over the first version a couple years back. Black, 22mm, with buckles. I just have more than I need so come and grab these. They are really underpriced and very much contenders with isofrane for the top rubber type strap (no kidding). $38 shipped for two of them. Prefer to sell them as a pair please. I'll add picks later if anyone needs that, too. Something tells me that they might sell tonight even without good pics up. Sorry, just too dark now to get a decent pic.

Money back guarantee on these babies, by the way. If you don't think these are contenders with isofrane for the top rubber type strap spot, send them back and I'll refund your cost for them (less shipping please).

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