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invicta is the perfect example of crazy retail pricing. example, a few months ago the OTV was an excursion that was a $2,995 watch. they sold it for $224or so including s/h on snbc. thats over 92.5% off the retail price. then the same watch with less functions lists for $1,295. so the retail price of the movement was $1,800 more? that was plain stupid of snbc and invicta as any educated consumer finally got to see that invicta plays poorly in their retail pricing game. they are the worst ones on the snbc program. croton however in my opinion has the fairest retail pricing on the show but not the best watches. gotta stay sharp at all times. thanks to sites like this you can find direction on where to find the best prices out there as TV DINNER spends countless hours searching the web to give us a heads up everyday. buy the way thank you for all your effort and time spent doing that for your members and guests Mr. TV DINNER.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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