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If you buy a watch for $199.99 it's a sub $200 watch no matter what the BS price tag says. I'm am so tired of the phony sales tactic of telling folks the watch they're buying is a $1995.00 watch, but you can have it for $200. What an absolute load of trollop. There are numerous companies doing this today, and I wonder how many people actually believe they are getting a $2000 watch because the lable affixed to the package says so. Really, that watch you just bought for $200 is really a $149.95 watch becausewatches retail for 40 percent over cost at most vendors. I no longer look at watches that are labled this way, I am only interested in finely made mechanical or automatic movements from companies that don't play pricing games. What say you?

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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