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Hi All,

I'm after an octagonal shape printed GLASS for a vintage, digital 1977 BULOVA watch. It is a silver colour, ladies, digital 1977 watch.

The number on the case back is # N7, inside the case #121, Movement # 3011.10 S82P. Watch model # is possibly 82370 -s or 82370 -w.
There may be a variation on the crystal as it came in different configurations, so the crystal number is possibly N121M or N121, followed by another letter instead of M.

I have attached 2 pictures to this thread. The first picture is the silver coloured damaged watch, for which I need the printed new glass for.
The second picture is the gold coloured version of the same watch, to show what the glass looks like. The model number of the gold watch is 82370-Y

Can anyone help, please.
Thanks, Bernie


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