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Atomic Tom:
Awesome watches all.
I'm 79 y o, when I was 13 I saved up enuff cash to buy an A11 WW2 Gov
issue watch. 539 movement. 36mm watch dimensions. 17 jewels, produced
by 4 American watch companies for our military. Mine was a Hamilton A11.
Kept it til I was hired by the RR as a Fireman/Engr Trainee. Flipped it to
bankroll first a Hammy 992b pocketwatch then a Hammy 950b pocketwatch.
American RRs at that time wouldn't approve wristies for service in RRing.
In the late 60's my employer the CRI&P, approved quartz wristies. I bought
a Bulova twin fork synthetic quartz watch. But I kept the 2 Hammies til one
month ago. Sold em to local vintage watch dealer.

Lou Snutt
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