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  1. Zodiac
    I want to replace the metal wristband on my Zodiac Dragon Wing but I'm having a very difficult time with the pins recessed in the lugs holding the band in place. Has anyone else had this much trouble? I really want to go with a nice leather band so any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in...
  2. General Watch Discussions:
    Hello I have a Vintage 14k Gold Zodiac Watch Self wind watch. I will like to know any information regarding this watch? Are they worth anything. I was thinking about scrapping it but I would try my shot on here first. Thanks!
  3. Vintage Watches:
    I like old things speaking to me. That's why I like vintage watches. Here's a particular one - a Zodiac SST marked for VOLVO (the Swedish auto maker) - and I'd like to share the story it's got to tell with you: To begin with, some history. It's not a habit of mine to quote large parts of a...
1-3 of 3 Results