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  1. 1961 Omega Seamaster 562 Automatic

    1961 Omega Seamaster 562 Automatic

    Collection piece - 1961 Omega Seamaster 562 Automatic
  2. Omega watch

    Omega watch

    2 super elegant omega watches
  3. Orient
    Hello everyone, im new here i have a qeustion... can someone tell me whats te reference number is of this watch. And the date when its made? And the price of worth😃 Thanks a lot!
  4. Watches For Sale By Owner:
    Orient Mako II Blue. Comes with original presentation box. Some desk diving scuffs on bracelet. Ship from CT. Will ship USPS mail only to CONUS. No trades. $99 includes PP and shipping fees. If interested PM me. Movement: Orient 22-Jewel Cal. F69 Automatic (self-winding, hand wind, hacks)...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    Michael McCloskey - Watchmaker to the Trade. Working out of Northern California. Graduated the Bulova School of Watchmaking in 1978 - Woodside, Queens, NY. Worked in Bevery Hills, CA; Hartford, CT; Edmonton, Alberta CA, and Santa Rosa, CA. I drive a brand new 2018 Lincoln MKX, make calls on a...
  6. The Home Office:
    Hello all, I just want to see all members who have 3000+ posts who are either active posters or still logging in and inactive, but just browsing. Photo for attention:
  7. General Watch Discussions:
    Hi everyone! Please, rate my current work. Our team is working on the project of the designer Gnomon timepiece which combines the aesthetics of ancient Roman sun dials with a modern wristwatch. The key features are single hand concept referring to a gnomon of sun dials, sandwich dial with...
  8. Rolex
    Hi everyone, greats from MĂ©xico I know it is hard to determine if something is original by the pictures, but i really would like your opinion. Thank you
  9. General Watch Discussions:
    I bought my second watch today, which is a Toro Luna watch (my first watch was from Original Grain). What I was impressed with the most is that they have their logo which is a bull and a moon engraved on the dial of the watch, and I felt like I got a real bang for my buck (they cost $55). A lot...
  10. General Watch Discussions:
    I bought a Rolex GMT-Master II black uni bezel ref 16700 . Can I change the bezel for an another one such as the Pepsi bezel? It is interchangeable, or it is specific for the model black or bi-color?! :confused:
  11. Watch Strap and Accessories Sales:
    Black Forest Atelier 24mm Crocodile Strap for Panerai or Big Watch Price : 99.00usd incl shipping express Free express shipping for 2 items I can make customs for you, from length, width, thickness, edge style, stitching style, stitching color, and else. Just contact me directly here ...
  12. STRAPS and Other Accessories:
    Hi guys, I'm German, Marketing Manager at MainTool. Today after more than two and a half years of hard work, we're launching Classi, a product we believe will revolutionize the watch industry. Our journey started with a simple question, “What if you could make any classic watch smart?”. With...
  13. Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, This is Bob Shah from Vancouver Canada, and this is my new project and hope you like it:) Any thoughts or comments will be extremely valuable. Thanks, Bob
  14. General Watch Discussions:
    Hey Watchfreeks! I wanted to introduce you to a new project out of San Diego called Azula. They are creating fabric faced watches, handmade with fabrics from around the world. Every watch purchased helps provide full time jobs to local artisans across the globe. They are live on Kickstarter and...
  15. General Watch Discussions:
    Hey all! I want to start by thanking you for taking your time to check out Azula. My name is Nathan Resnick, I'm a junior at the University of San Diego and Co-Founder of Azula watches. We're creating the first-ever fabric faced watch, sourced with fabrics from around the world. Each fabric...
  16. General Watch Discussions:
    Hello, I am looking for a beautiful daily watch that can also be used as a dress watch, my preferences are a black leather strap, with a white/silver dial, face should be no smaller then 40mm. My budget is between $1000-$1500. Please feel free to post any suggestions or advice, I could really...
  17. UNIQ
    GAF44/II edition has updated design and looks more Authentic. It is FIRST SWISS MADE WATCH WITH GEORGIAN LETTERS AND TEXTS ever produced. We did not forget about functionality. We made numerals bolder and hands larger. Dial opening is bigger compared to the first edition. The most distinguished...
  18. UNIQ
    Watches of GAF series are made especially for Georgian Armed Forces. The series represent a symbol of company's pride and success! Due to this project UNIQ is first watch supplier of the Georgian Armed Forces. First order was 1100 units (4 colors) of which 100 units (4 colors) were sold by us.
  19. General Watch Discussions:
    Hi everyone I am relatively new to these forums.. I am currently putting money aside each month for a stainless steal black faced Rolex Datejust. Which is one of my favorite watches of all time. However I am currently looking for some watches with skeleton back/ see through/ clear back where...