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  1. Found a new piece on The History of Time!

    The Home Office:
    Hey guys. Just wanted to share this cool GIF I saw today - The history of time: A luxury obsession - Perpetual You might wanna check it out? Let me know what you think!
  2. Hello watches lover from Vietnam

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello y'all. I'm Trinh I love watches But I don't have the budget to buy many different watches, so I taught myself to make different bands for my watch.Then I realized that I really loved this job as much as I loved watches. And I became the one who made the strap from there with a special...
  3. SOLD --- Borealis Portus Cale Black Dial

    Watches For Sale By Owner:
    Borealis Portus Cale Black Dial. Comes with original presentation box/card. Some desk diving swirls on bracelet/clasp - please see photos. Shipped from CT. Will ship USPS mail only to CONUS. No trades. $275 includes shipping and PP fees or BEST OFFER. If interested, PM me. Case Size...
  4. [SOLD] Seiko Prospex Samurai Auto Dive Watch SRPC3

    Watches For Sale By Owner:
    Seiko Prospex Samurai Auto Dive Watch SRPC3. Comes with original presentation box. Has some desk diving swirls on bracelets/clasp. Please see photos. Shipped from CT. USPS Ship only to CONUS No trades $275 includes PP and shipping fees or BEST OFFER. PM me if interested. Movement: Seiko...
  5. Question about "Paul Maret" watches

    Introduce Yourself
    Have any of you seen a Paul Maret watch? I need help estimating it's value.
  6. Proud to be a member of

    Introduce Yourself
    Myself Raja Ragu Raman, Invicta collectors worldwide know me as a retailer. I'm happy to be a part of this wonderful watch collectors forum.
  7. Vintage 14k Gold Zodiac Watch Self wind

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hello I have a Vintage 14k Gold Zodiac Watch Self wind watch. I will like to know any information regarding this watch? Are they worth anything. I was thinking about scrapping it but I would try my shot on here first. Thanks!
  8. Gnomon Watch - the project combining sun dial inspired design with modern wristwatch

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hi everyone! Please, rate my current work. Our team is working on the project of the designer Gnomon timepiece which combines the aesthetics of ancient Roman sun dials with a modern wristwatch. The key features are single hand concept referring to a gnomon of sun dials, sandwich dial with...
  9. Extremely rare swiss watch

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hi, I am new to this forum. I need help. Dad gave me a watch, thing is i can't find online anything about this watch. Not even a brand and i tried everything. I am no expert, but it feels really expensive and real. I don't think it is a fake. I need your opinion guys. Do you have any info? How...
  10. Is this rolex original? what d u think guys?

    Hi everyone, greats from México I know it is hard to determine if something is original by the pictures, but i really would like your opinion. Thank you
  11. Styrman & Crew watches

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hi everyone, I am looking for a watch that I can wear with my suit. Since automatic watches are too thick it shout be a quartz movement and max. 8mm thin. So I took a look at Daniel Wellington and Kapten & Son, however, they only have mineral glass and Asian movements (I know the Japan movement...
  12. Any idea what watch this is?

    Anyone has any idea as to what reference this watch is? I only know that it is a Vintage Omega Genève. Thanks in advance.
  13. Fully Interchangable Watch (50% OFF Kickstarter)

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hey Guys There are only about 9 hours left, but the world's first fully interchangeable watch is now on Kickstarter: (you can change every part... Face, Case, Bezel and Straps.) Link removed... There is 50% off all watches until the campaign end, so get in quick! Also please share it...
  14. Classi: A Smart Strap For Your Classic Watch

    STRAPS and Other Accessories:
    Hi guys, I'm German, Marketing Manager at MainTool. Today after more than two and a half years of hard work, we're launching Classi, a product we believe will revolutionize the watch industry. Our journey started with a simple question, “What if you could make any classic watch smart?”. With...
  15. Win a Moonphase watch!

    Freeky Member Giveaways!
    Win an Alvieri watch of your choice: Lunar edition or Classic edition! It is built with a sapphire crystal, a Swiss parts movement & an Italian leather strap.The giveaway is open from April 21st at 00:00 PM (GMT-8) and will close May 9th at 23:59 PM (GMT-8)...
  16. So Men, Do you wear a watch during relations?

    Stuff That Does Not Go Anywhere Else:
    Hello, I was just curious if you guys wear a watch while doing the deed. I like to wear a watch, and I feel more complete and more attractive with my watch on. I find myself glancing at it while maneuvering and pinning/holding my partner into place. Maybe I'm just a strange guy...haha. So, do...
  17. Need help with a Watch. ASAP

    General Watch Discussions:
    I saw this Watch today. It claims to be the most affordable Tourbillon Watch. Should I buy this ? LINK
  18. Rare Invicta SPEEDWAY 9223 SS Cougar model, Rolex Replica. What year is this from?...

    Hey guys, I finally got my all time favorite dream watch from the Invicta series, but I need some information on it from the experts out there. Its the 9223 Speedway with the RED SPEEDWAY writing and the Rolex style bezel with the "Units Per Hour" stacked and the smooth shiny flat face. I...
  19. I cant work out what this vintage watch is

    Vintage Watches:
    Hi I have recently purchased a watch on ebay, and to be honest i purchased for the case only. however having received the watch i'm quite intrigued by it. The watch has two pushes on the LHS and the Crown is on the right (when i find one that will fit) I have taken it apart and i have...