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  1. Hello watches lover from Vietnam

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    Hello y'all. I'm Trinh I love watches But I don't have the budget to buy many different watches, so I taught myself to make different bands for my watch.Then I realized that I really loved this job as much as I loved watches. And I became the one who made the strap from there with a special...
  2. My new watch straps.

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  3. Do you like leather or metal watch bands??

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    There’s no “right” choice when selecting a watchband. Both leather and metal watch bands are attractive, functional and sold at all price points. Individual preference should guide a decision.For me,I prefer the leather band, because the leather strap is more elegant, suitable for leisure...
  4. The third-party band

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    Have you ever buy a watch band in a third party? such as amazon, ebay.Compared with apple's official website, which one do you like to buy??
  5. FS: Handmade Bronze Pendants Strap for PAM or big watch

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    Black Forest Atelier Handmade Bronze Pendants Strap for PAM or big watch Price : 109usd incl shipping express. Free express shipping for 2 items For Panerai Watches or 24mm Lug Watches : 1 pair pendants + 1 basic buckle + 35mm/80mm strap that connect to the pendant which is total length...
  6. Classi: A Smart Strap For Your Classic Watch

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    Hi guys, I'm German, Marketing Manager at MainTool. Today after more than two and a half years of hard work, we're launching Classi, a product we believe will revolutionize the watch industry. Our journey started with a simple question, “What if you could make any classic watch smart?”. With...
  7. FOSSIL ES3003

    Luxury Brands:
    FOSSIL ES3003 STRAP TYPE: Metal bracelet ANALOGUE / DIGITAL: Analogue MOVEMENT: Quartz WATER RESISTANCE: 5 ATM CASE SIZE: 37 mm Case depth: 10 mm
  8. New Elini Barokas

    Just Ordered / Arrived Today!
    Hi all! I am a new user, and wanted to get some suggestions on an Elini Barokas I received today. This is a huge watch, with a silicone band. The face of the watch has a darker finish, like a dark platinum, or a nickel finish. I want to replace the band with a matching metal band, like my...
  9. CentaurStraps on board!

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    Hello forum members, My name is Costas, I'm from Patras, Greece and I'm making various leather goods but mainly handmade leather watch straps, strap cases and watch cases. I'm a big watch fun and that's why I started making straps myself. It's my hobby and I have an online shop on Etsy to sell...