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  1. [Updated] Vostok Komandirskie 35 (Mod Complete)

    Just Ordered / Arrived Today!
    Good Thursday afternoon Freeks! I picked up a new Vostok Kmandirskie at my local USPS office at lunch time. UPDATE w/ more photos: Purchased from ebay for a little over $60 USD. Nice size and weight. The bezel is bidirectional and without any clicking. So rather free flowing per se. Is...
  2. Vostok Brand alternative buying option

    Russian Watches Seem to be very reasonably priced compared to other options. They also sell a lot of replacement parts for many of their watches. They lines would include: Vostok, Vostok-Europe, Amphibian SE, Amphibian Classic, Komandirskie Classic, Afibia, Komandirksie. I ran across...