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  1. Tag Heuer
    Help me Identify my watch Hi im very new to this , not sure how to use it but anyway. I was wondering if someone could help me Identify my watch and help with its history. It was given to me as a gift , thank you
  2. Victorinox Swiss Army
    Hello, I bought a Swiss Army watch and I am having issues identifying it. It is white faced and has a flush crown. I have searched the internet for hours and even contacted Victorinox. They said it was the model 24564; it isn't. That model does not have a flush crown, but they are very similar...
  3. Watch Strap and Accessories Sales:
    Ready stock vintage handmade strap: Both are 24mm wide and 125/80mm long... They are 4inch thick but very flexible and no need to be broken down..
  4. Oris
    I have a vintage Oris stainless steel pendant watch that used to belong to my grandmother. It still winds and ticks. The second hand moves. Unfortunately, when I try to set the watch, the hands stick at about 11:55. Is there an easy fix? I found the Oris service center for the USA and have...
  5. Vintage Watches:
    Hi All, Please help me find hands for my project. I miss a set of vintage Eterna Super Kontiki. It is not the Ireal defence watch. It is the super kontiki expedition watch which is similar to the Omega seamaster 300. It is ok that the hands are in bad shape. Please contact me if you have some...
  6. Post Your Collection
    An old Hand Wind MIMO. One of the lugs, cracked and broke when I tried to put a leather strap on it (see pics for what I'm talking about). Unfortunately this piece is only 30mm in diameter; ladies watches are bigger now in days. Let me know what you think.