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  1. Casio 83QS-41 (Rare Vintage - 1978/80 Steel case digital)

    Vintage Watches:
    I've got a rare and vintage Casio 83QS-41 dating back to 1979/80 in full working order with a METAL case (unlike the more recent retro models that have a resin and chrome coated finish). All buttons work including the light. It has the original metal strap and only a few very light scratches...
  2. Need help identifying a Ladies' Wakmann

    Vintage Watches:
    I was gifted a petite old Wakmann watch by my great-aunt, but unfortunately I have no idea what model it is, and I was hoping that someone on here might know. The face says Wakmann, 17 jewels, Incabloc and at the bottom what looks like France? (the font is tiny and I'm having trouble reading...
  3. Old arcade watches.. info?

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and decided it would be of my best interest to get some background on some watches I've obtained. I have a friend who can be quite the hoarder, yet somehow manages to keep everything in impeccable condition. So I stopped over and they told me they were trying to...
  4. Old watch Stories

    General Watch Discussions:
    We are two friends in our forties who wish to combine our love of old watches and the community feel of the web. Though not professional story tellers we felt that there is a place for our watch stories and memories. We hope it would serve our kids in the future. The watches are from diverse...