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  1. General Watch Discussions:
    If you follow any vintage watch auctions you have probably kept up with all the crazy hype and excitement that revolved around these crazy expensive watches. Just last week the Tiffany & Co. Patek sold for 6.5 million dollars, blows my mind, although it is such a beautiful watch. I was reading...
  2. General Watch Discussions:
    Being a huge fan of vintage watches I am all over the place reading of the new finds that we get to see pop up every once in a while and the ones that have continued to go through history. I would just like to say my favorite model would be a 6204 textured dial Submariner... Sadly have never...
  3. General Watch Discussions:
    Super cool selection of watches that I am heavily considering picking up for myself, but I am undecided out of these five would you consider grabbing? Let me know I can not make up my mind! Im tempted to go with the new "Cookie Monster" Rolex Sub, but its hard to turn away from a vintage Omega...
1-3 of 3 Results