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  1. Victorinox Swiss Army
    This is some pics. The only other one I found online is for sale for 500, didn't even know anything about it when given to me.
  2. Watches For Sale By Owner:
    Bought this watch in July 2015 from an authorized dealer (Macy's) and just don't wear it enough to justify keeping it. Watch has been worn a few times for over the past few months but is in great condition. Comes with everything I got when I purchased the watch including the un-filled out...
  3. Victorinox Swiss Army
    So a few years back I made a rule that I wasn't going to buy any watches unless they were automatic. But ever since the INOX line from Victorinox came out, I have been tempted to pull the trigger and get one. I have an automatic Victorinox dress watch and love it. Seems like they make good...
  4. Victorinox Swiss Army
    I have been a longtime fan of Victorinox watches and I want to get my sister one for christmas, however I am having a hard time finding something that will fit her wrist well (in terms of looks). She is a ver small woman and her wrist is probably about the same size as a 10 year olds. I was...
  5. Just Ordered / Arrived Today!
    Two from my wish-list arrived today.
1-5 of 5 Results