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  1. Orient
    Hi, i'm new on this forum and i don't know if is this the right place for posting this topic :) I've buy this Orient, but i can't find news about this watch. Someone can help me? The movement caliber is an "EA" and the case has at the base, the same pyramidal module that is in the most iconic...
  2. General Watch Discussions:
    Here are the watches from the first Bond film with Timothy Dalton as 007. James Bond's watch, unknown model General Koskov Necros General Pushkin Q Felix Leiter Fake Paramedic Q-Branch Technician Pushkin's Bodyguard Chief of Police
  3. General Watch Discussions:
    These are the watches from the last Bond movie with Roger Moore. James Bond's Seiko SPD094 James Bond's uses another watch in a deleted scene, it is equipped with a garrote wire, like in "From Russia with Love". Max Zorin Stacey Sutton Scarpine Dr. Karl Mortner General Gogol Klotkoff
  4. General Watch Discussions:
    Here are the watches from another movie with Roger Moore as 007. James Bond's Seiko G757 5020 Sports 100, modified by Q to work as a tracking device. Another Seiko (unknown model) used by James Bond. It also is modified by Q and houses a screen for CCTV footage. Kamal Khan General Orlov...
  5. General Watch Discussions:
    Here's another Bond movie with Roger Moore and Seiko. James Bond's Seiko H357 5040, modified by Q-branch, it is now equipped with a communication device. Melina Havelock Milos Columbo Sir Timothy Havelock Royal Navy officer Driver of Kristatos's boat
  6. General Watch Discussions:
    Another Bond with Roger Moore. Some call it one of the worst Bond movies, some say it's one of the best. I personally like this movie, although the space scenes are not the best. James Bond's Seiko M354 Memory-Bank Calendar, modified by Q-branch to be a detonater for some explosives. M Q...
  7. General Watch Discussions:
    Moore's third Bond, but without many watches. James Bond's Seiko 0674 LC - modified by Q-branch to receive ticker tape messages Major Anya Amasova Commander Carter Submarine crewmember
  8. General Watch Discussions:
    Roger Moore's second outing as Bond - one of my favorite Bond movies. James Bond's Rolex Submariner Francisco Scaramanga's Rolex Cellini King Midas Lt. Hip Mary Goodnight J.W. Pepper Q Lazar Royal Navy officer
  9. General Watch Discussions:
    Here are the watches from Roger Moore's first Bond. James Bond's Rolex Submariner: Modified by Q-branch, it is equipped with a strong magnet, and a rotating saw. James Bond's Hamilton Pulsar P2 2900 LED watch Dr. Kananga Dr. Kananga (as Mr. Big) Hamilton's murderer State Trooper...
  10. General Watch Discussions:
    Here are some watches from Sean Connery's last official Bond movie: Ernst Stavro Blofeld Felix Leiter Q Dr. Tynan Operator at Vandenburg Croupier Amsterdam police officer SPECTRE aa-gunner Man at casino
  11. General Watch Discussions:
    Here are the watches of George Lazenby's only Bond movie. Most people say he is the worst Bond ever, but I think he's done a good job for a male model / Mercedes-Benz salesman with no acting experiences. James Bond's usual Rolex Submariner Bond uses a Rolex Chronograph 6238 when posing as Sir...
  12. General Watch Discussions:
    Again, here are some unidentified watches from another Bond movie. Ernst Stavro Blofeld (only briefly seen) Tiger Tanaka Hans Mr. Osato Q Royal Hong Kong Police officer Royal Navy officer #1 Royal Navy officer #2 Royal Navy officer #3
  13. General Watch Discussions:
    Hello everybody, before turning over to the actual subject, I introduce myself as the new guy here: I'm 22 years old, German (Düsseldorf), and I have nearly no knowledge about watches, but I'm interested in learning something new. I am a passionate James Bond fan (or maybe even a nerd), and I...
1-13 of 13 Results