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  1. Swiss Watches
    I just bought a Tissot on line and the band is really small. When I adjusted the band for my wrist, it just fit through the first loop and was not long enough to go through the second band loop. I don't have large wrists and have not had this problem with other watch bands. Does Tissot...
  2. Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    I'm back to a small clean out of my collection and offer up this pristine condition Tissot T-Sport quartz Chronograph model 56170. I purchased this a little over a year ago and it is another that hasn't been worn! I sized the bracelet, but it just never made the rotation. It looks alot like...
  3. General Watch Discussions:
    Hi, I bought a used t-touch watch which seemd to be in very good condition, but unfortunately, compass behaves strange -> it shows mostly in one direction with some irregular movements. Based on that behavior and peoples experience, I'm hopping to be an magnetization issue. Did anyone had...
  4. Just Ordered / Arrived Today!
    Hi everyone! I want to buy used Tissot tradition watch. It is TISSOT T063.617.16.057.00. So, seller will sell it for 180euro and he says watch is new(like new). So, can you, please, take a look and tell me does it look like fake? Any sings? Thanks !
  5. Watches For Sale By Owner:
    I am offering my Tissot Perpetual Calendar Quartz watch (T063.637.11.037.00) in like-new condition. Stainless steel with nice textured white face. It was an impulse buy that has been worn about 6 times since it was purchased this past July. It keeps great time, but I now realize that I...
    About to invest in a new watch to replace my 15 year old Seiko Perpetual Calendar which has served me well! I'm torn between the Tissot PRC200 and Certina DS Podium Dig...
  7. Swiss Watches
    Yes, boring design (very well put together) . . .but accurate to a fault . . . loses less than 4 seconds a week with eta cal. C01.211
1-7 of 7 Results