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  1. A New Timex Series! I like what Timex has been up to!

    Other Brands:
    American Documents Series by Timex ^^Clickable Link with more details, and some nice photos! Let me first throw some eye-candy in: Made in America with a Swiss Movement. So they are taking a little tip from the success of Shinola, perhaps. Clearly stamping "Made in America" write on...
  2. My Recent thoughts about Quartz vs Mechanical and how it relates to my collection

    General Watch Discussions:
    TL;DR version: I've been leaning heavily toward a quartz/eco-drive purchase because I just don't feel like setting the date and time every day, and I don't want to always wear my g-shock in those times. Nor do I want to wear my "nicer" watches... TL version: So, I haven't obtained a new piece...