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  1. Love for "Tonneau" watches

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    Stating the obvious, most watches have a lot in common in terms of shape. There's round, rectangle or occasional square. Over the years I noticed a few that seemed to sort of be rectangles, but not quite, and that's what made them so appealing to me. I came to learn the shape was termed...
  2. 1 Lepsi Scope Watch Timegrapher/Analyzer New in Box $260

    Watches For Sale By Owner:
    I have one Lepsi Scope Timegrapher that runs with software for Android or iPhone devices and will tell you the Timing (seconds fast or slow), Amplitude and Beat Error for Mechanical/Automatic watches. Awesome tool to keep track of your own collection to evaluate the condition of potential...
  3. Anyone using the "Lepsi Scope" Watch Timegrapher/Analyzer?

    General Watch Discussions:
    Arranged for free shipping at $369 but looking for real-world feedback. Anyone have experience with this awesome sounding device for measuring accuracy, amplitude, and beat error while interfacing with modern iPhone/Android smartphones & tablets? Lepsi Scope - Mechanical Watch Timing...