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  1. Watches For Sale By Owner:
    I'm back to a small clean out of my collection and offer up this Beautiful Tag Heuer Formula One with Black Dial and red indices. This is a "Grande" - big date (shows date only at 12 oclock). This one is in Excellent condition like all of the watches I am selling. Can't find a mark on it...
  2. Tag Heuer
    Hi to everyone! Here is the thing, a guy is selling this tag Heuer 2000 Series Midsize WE1210-R. I think is original, but I´m not an expert. Can you guys help me telling me if it is original? greetings from mexico!
  3. Tag Heuer
    Help me Identify my watch Hi im very new to this , not sure how to use it but anyway. I was wondering if someone could help me Identify my watch and help with its history. It was given to me as a gift , thank you
  4. Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    For your consideration is my TAG F1 Date Alarm.**WITHDRAWN** Accroding to TZ rating:Excellent "Evidence of use is visible to the unaided eye. Scratches are light, but more numerous than "near mint". If the watch has been restored, all original replacement parts have been used. Strap clearly...
  5. Tag Heuer
    Hi All, I came to the site looking for help synchronising the hands with the chronometer on my new TAG Aquaracer CAF 1010 bought in Orlando for me by my wife who is not a watch freak. . . As I live in London I can't take the timepiece back to the dealer who sold it; local dealers have reset...
1-5 of 7 Results