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  1. Discover the Multi-cultural Essence of Baltic-Swiss watches

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    With the same high values and elite levels of craftsmanship, Baltic Time is back with a new model powered by Swiss legend ETA 2824-2
  2. Aaron Faber Gallery's Watch Collectors' Roundtable

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hi all, We wanted to share this with you: Aaron Faber Gallery has a Watch Collectors’ Roundtable at their Manhattan store every year, where several watch industry experts come together to discuss a chosen topic. This year, F.P. Journe’s North American...
  3. Peren SOD Transylvanian Moonwatch

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hello again everybody, My name is Andy Bica and I am back on the Watchfreeks forum with a new watch. I am happy to present you The Swiss Made Peren Son of The Dragon range, a distinctive Transylvanian Chrono Moonphase watch. The Peren SOD watch is a tribute to the greatest Transylvanian...
  4. The Best Swiss Quality Bargain

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hello everybody, my name is Andy Bica and I am the founder of a new watch brand with a slightly different approach called Peren. Even since I have been a young boy from Transylvania I had one dream, and that was to create something unmatched quality wise that will give the peoples all around the...
  5. FS SWI 7750 LE Chrono Silver/White Dial (SOLD)

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I hate to part with this one. However, I promised myself an Omega for my 50th. Birthday (which was in June). Need to thin the collection a bit. This SWI 7750 LE is my wife's favorite. She rather I kept this one instead of getting an Omega so I'll be open to...