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  1. Vostok Brand alternative buying option

    Russian Watches Seem to be very reasonably priced compared to other options. They also sell a lot of replacement parts for many of their watches. They lines would include: Vostok, Vostok-Europe, Amphibian SE, Amphibian Classic, Komandirskie Classic, Afibia, Komandirksie. I ran across...
  2. SOLD FS: Denissov Speedster Automatic RARE With FREE WATCHES!

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Up for sale is this long sold out, very hard to find Denissov Speedster Automatic in fantastic condition, with all original boxing and comes with brand new, uncut strap. This watch alone is next to impossible to find and if you do find one in this condition, expect to pay at least $999 and...

    Watches For Sale By Owner:
    For sale is a very gently used Denissov Speedster with black/orange striped dial. Watch is in great condition, only signs of wear are a couple very slight scratches on the clasp which can very easily be buffed out to have this watch look brand new. The best price I have found on one of these is...
  4. Almost Invicta Sized ! Russian Watch, Comical !

    Unusual Watches:
    Hiya watchfreeks ! I just found this watch on Fleabay, And it was so comical , i had to share it with you all. Its called a "1949 MILITARY SOVIET RED ARMY NAVY KOMANDIRSKIE BIG WATCH". Its a mechanical i am sure , but was it at one time a alarm clock at bedside ?? Was it a travel clock? Maybe...