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  1. Why I Always Consider Resale Value

    General Watch Discussions:
    I've read many comments that indicate that many don't give much consideration (or any at all) to resale value when evaluating new purchases. We're often sure the next carefully considered purchase will be a perfect watch that will be kept in perpetuity, and so future value is irrelevant. My...
  2. Does anyone prefer a rubber/resin strap over other straps/bracelets?

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hello, I was wondering if any of you guys prefer a rubber strap on your watch. I seem to prefer a nice beefy black rubber strap on my watches. I love the masculine, sporty look it gives the watch. There is something about a dive watch or a G-Shock on rubber that I just love. Additionally, I...
  3. SOLD 24mm Isofrane Straps! (x2)

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Up for your consideration I have two Isofrane straps in 24mm. Both come with the RS buckle. The BLACK Isofrane is in Mint condition. Worn twice max. Still has plenty of vanilla smell. Also I am including an Isofrane diver's extension with IN buckle. (Didn't think I'd be selling this one off...
  4. FS: 26mm Panerai Rubber Submersible Accordion Strap - Black Diver strap

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    From the end of the accordion ridges, the strap measures 5.5mm thick and then slowly tapers to 3.5mm thick at the tail end of the strap. This strap is ny far one of the most comfortable rubber straps I’ve ever worn and is far more superior in design than the original Panerai rubber strap...
  5. Boschett Cave Dweller II - Rubber Strap?

    Dive Watches
    Hi all, After stumbling across the Cave Dweller II in a Top 10 video on Youtube, I quickly found a big fan base here on WF. I took a punt having never heard of Boschett and have ordered the CDII with black dial and PVD to replace my dying SKX007 (big disappointment!). I placed the order last...