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    Introduce Yourself
    Michael McCloskey - Watchmaker to the Trade. Working out of Northern California. Graduated the Bulova School of Watchmaking in 1978 - Woodside, Queens, NY. Worked in Bevery Hills, CA; Hartford, CT; Edmonton, Alberta CA, and Santa Rosa, CA. I drive a brand new 2018 Lincoln MKX, make calls on a...
  2. [Book recommendation] Learning Watchmaking, Watch Repair, and General Watch Knowledge

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hello, For someone who has recently developed a newfound appreciation and enthusiasm for Watches, Watch Repair, and ultimately, Watchmaking, what are some books (or other learning materials) that you would recommend? My end goal is to eventually apply to a Watch School and become an...
  3. Tag Heuer USA Repair Warning

    Tag Heuer
    Sent my Carrera Chronograph to Tag Heuer USA for a "tune-up" after about 6 years in use. No real problems with the watch, just running a tad fast. Decided to spend the extra to send it to the company rather than one of the other, less expensive options, hoping for the best. Wanted to play it...
  4. repairing vintage plain Oris pendant watch

    I have a vintage Oris stainless steel pendant watch that used to belong to my grandmother. It still winds and ticks. The second hand moves. Unfortunately, when I try to set the watch, the hands stick at about 11:55. Is there an easy fix? I found the Oris service center for the USA and have...