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  1. Watch School 101:
    How do I regulate this watch for time? There are 2 hair springs, 1. Towards the crown with 2 levers for beat correction and speed, 2. Away from the crown with the same 2 levers.
  2. Omega
    Here is a twice serviced, this year, with the same tech at the same AD, Omega Day date Geneve Calibre 1022. I just regulated again this year. It was at 1.0 ms error and running +12 spd. Since you'll ask why this was sent in twice? Once for general 5 year service, and again since I wanted to try...
  3. Other Brands:
    The screw for adjustment spins to plus or minus, but the loss remains the same at 346 spd, and error at 1.0 ms (error I can deal with by the push lever). How do I adjust this in case the screw is not correcting the hair spring? Just got this watch back from the RW service after I failed a...
1-3 of 3 Results