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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I'm from Switzerland and am feeling inspired by all the awesome clocks. I have acquired a couple non-functional ones I want to fix up. My current project is a quartz pocket watch that probably just needs a new battery. The box says Dakota Watch Company and the face says Berenger, but I...
  2. Photos / Videos
    Courtesy photo from Geneva Watch Repair - Waltham pocket watch service
  3. Vintage Watches:
    Ok, so I'm supposed to be looking for my son's gift but found this and I'm really intrigued, this might surpass the Cyma. What are your thoughts? Is anyone familiar with this watch? I can't find an exact match, but I do have the serial number 9385326. That would (based on an online database)...
  4. Pocket Watches
    I've created an adapter, non-destructively converting my 1898 NY Standard 12s pocket watch into a wrist watch. I did not modify the original case, but instead designed a cradle that holds the pocket watch (from above) to my wrist. I think it is a disservice to history when someone welds lugs...
1-4 of 4 Results