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  1. FS: Handmade Vintage Leather Strap for Panerai V3

    Watch Strap and Accessories Sales:
    Black Forest Atelier Handmade Vintage Leather Strap for Panerai V3 Price : 69.90usd Size: 24/22mm Length: 125/75mm Thickness: 3-4mm Free express shipping for 3 items I can make customs for you, from length, width, thickness, edge style, stitching style, stitching color, and else. Just...
  2. FS: Sale - XMas Flottiglia Handmade Bronze Buckle - Size 22mm,24mm,26mm - Screw in

    Watch Strap and Accessories Sales:
    Report this image Handmade XMas Flottiglia Bronze Buckle by BlackForest Atelier Sale Price 59.99 $ only for forum members Free worldwide shipping Buckle is 100% custom Handmade ( It take over 10 hours for one buckle ). Size : 22mm,24mm and 26mm available Color : Pink Bronze, Chrome...
  3. The Officine Panerai Logo..the True meaning by Eng. Mario Paci

    Hi, First I'd like to introduce myself as a new member of Watch Freeks and say hello to all of you. Having been around Panerai for quite some time (13 years) and producing hand made Italian straps for Panerai in our factory in Castelfiorentino, Italy. We make such brands as Mario Paci Straps...