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  1. FS: Hamilton Pan Europ Chronograph - Price drop

    Watches For Sale By Owner:
    I'm back to a small clean out of my collection and offer up this Beautiful Hamilton Pan Europ Chrono with Silver Dial. These are now hard to find. This one is in Pristine condition like all of the watches I am selling. They just never saw any wrist time in the rotation. I purchased this...
  2. Another Great Strap from Dustin @ N80 Leather

    STRAPS and Other Accessories:
    This new strap made from Canvas and Leather started when I saw a couple of Dustin's strap designs (one older and one new). I wanted to use the existing Hamilton buckle so the strap needed to taper from the lug to the buckle, yet still keep the look. Well, enough intro and on to the pics of...