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  1. Real or Fake? Vintage Oris Classic 17 Jewels Watch (Hand Winding)

    Hello! I am new to watch collecting and have recently bought an Oris watch on ebay. Its a very nice looking watch and I am excited about my purchase. I was wondering if anyone here could help me determine its authenticity? When I receive it I am going to take it to a dealer to open it up and...
  2. SOLD FS Oris Aquis Small Second Date Green Bezel!

    Watches For Sale By Owner:
    Oris Aquis 46mm Small Seconds with Date. ETA automatic movement. The watch is in excellent condition with only a few small swirls/imperfections, I would say 98-99%. Crystal and bezel are perfect. The green ceramic bezel and grey face really compliment each other well. I love this watch but am...
  3. SOLD SOLD:**REDUCED** Oris LTD Edition Bob Dylan Automatic-BNIB-NEEDS A NEW WF HOME!

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    ORIS Bob Dylan LTD Edition Boxed Presentation Set (The watch is BNIB and presented in a box set with a greatest hits CD and a Hohner Marine Band Harmonica: Dylan’s favorite instrument.) I am still cleaning out some of my collection with the goal of refining it and picking up another...
  4. FS: Oris TT1 Diver GMT

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    I am selling off a couple of my pieces to justify picking up a couple new ones. One of the ones I am looking to sell is this Oris TT1 Diver GMT. I picked it up earlier this year, but don't wear it as much as I would like. It is a great size at 44mm and wears really comfortably on the wrist...
  5. repairing vintage plain Oris pendant watch

    I have a vintage Oris stainless steel pendant watch that used to belong to my grandmother. It still winds and ticks. The second hand moves. Unfortunately, when I try to set the watch, the hands stick at about 11:55. Is there an easy fix? I found the Oris service center for the USA and have...
  6. Oris 640 movement

    Hi all. I purchased this watch for my wife on a whim and she does like it. Keeps good time and has about 48 hour power reserve. it appears to me to be an Oris Modern Classic 640 movement model 7461. I can't find a pic on the Oris site but I think this was produced in the early 90s. I...
  7. Oris Frank Sinatra Humidor

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    I'm going to throw a shot in the dark here and ask if anyone has or knows of the location of a humidor that served as the presentation box for the Oris Frank Sinatra Power Reserve (box, hygrometer, cutter, manual, Sinatra tribute, etc.). I have the watch which I bought last year, the owner had...