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  1. Watch School 101:
    How do I regulate this watch for time? There are 2 hair springs, 1. Towards the crown with 2 levers for beat correction and speed, 2. Away from the crown with the same 2 levers.
  2. Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Unfortunately, this one is a catch and release. Picked this up off an awesome seller on this forum, put all the links back in, but it doesn't fit well on my big wrist, way too snug for my liking. So I'm throwing it back up for sale. Asking the same $sold shipped that I paid for it. Watch is in...
  3. Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Watch has had one link removed (included) and has been worn once. In a bit of a financial crunch and need to sell fast. I paid $325 about a month ago. I will include all retail packaging as well as the receipt. I have not registered for the warranty , so you can. If interested. please email...
1-3 of 3 Results