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  1. Vintage Watches:
    I've just restored a Helbros Invincible with a Lorsa P75A movement, but cant seem to find much information on the history of Helbros as a company. Does anyone have an Invincible themselves? It would be interesting to see the different variations over the years, as well as any information on...
  2. Movado
    HI everyone :) I have a Movado 84-e4-9881. I am trying to identify the id of movement inside without having to make a trip to the dealer if its not absolutely necessary. One jeweler quoted me $175 to replace the movement that got rusted out because of leaving a battery in too long. I bought...
  3. General Watch Discussions:
    This is what happens... The photo from my phone turned out pretty cool though! In the end it was the escapement that was the original problem.
  4. Vintage Watches:
    I got this Omega movement, it's quartz but is weird, I don't know if one of this movements with push buttons, or if the stem has been cut, any ideas?, I can't read the # (1350?) By the way apparently I'm a movement's random buyer, LOL, I have a bunch a movements and no cases!
  5. General Watch Discussions:
    Hi everyone I am relatively new to these forums.. I am currently putting money aside each month for a stainless steal black faced Rolex Datejust. Which is one of my favorite watches of all time. However I am currently looking for some watches with skeleton back/ see through/ clear back where...
1-5 of 5 Results