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  1. What is the movement id for Movado 84-e4-9881

    HI everyone :) I have a Movado 84-e4-9881. I am trying to identify the id of movement inside without having to make a trip to the dealer if its not absolutely necessary. One jeweler quoted me $175 to replace the movement that got rusted out because of leaving a battery in too long. I bought...
  2. When Jeff meets a no-longer-running Chinese Raketa "Homage"

    General Watch Discussions:
    This is what happens... The photo from my phone turned out pretty cool though! In the end it was the escapement that was the original problem.
  3. Omega quartz movement, what kind?

    Vintage Watches:
    I got this Omega movement, it's quartz but is weird, I don't know if one of this movements with push buttons, or if the stem has been cut, any ideas?, I can't read the # (1350?) By the way apparently I'm a movement's random buyer, LOL, I have a bunch a movements and no cases!
  4. HELP me find my PERFECT watch!

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hi everyone I am relatively new to these forums.. I am currently putting money aside each month for a stainless steal black faced Rolex Datejust. Which is one of my favorite watches of all time. However I am currently looking for some watches with skeleton back/ see through/ clear back where...