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  1. Need help to identify a Movado

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    Movado 84.19.861/1.4 246853
  2. Ladies solid 14k gold Movado

    My late father was in the watch repair business and I'm going through his collection. I found a working ladies 14K Movado manual wind watch that I'm trying to identify. See various photos. Any recommendations on valuation appreciated as well. This is no joke -- he was a Movado authorized...
  3. Need Help identifying this watch

    Hello there, I need your expertise to help identify this Movado watch. I have searched endlessly for the model online. I just have a picture of the watch. Appreciate your inputs.
  4. Gent vs Museum? E85 or 585? Garage sale find confuses me..

    As a 28 year old in Key West, I've always used a phone as a watch. I've only just started wearing my first constantly on watch. a nice titanium g-shock I found at good will for 3 bucks. Turns out it wasn't broken, just needed some solar charging. So it's kind of nice to be jumping into a...
  5. HELP needed

    Greetings! I got a MOVADO watch on ebay. These are the numbers on the back: 87-E4-0834 and 9461303. I would like to know what size band I am looking to put on it- i.e.the size of the lugs THANKS for your help
  6. SOLD SOLD: Movado 800 Series Chrono Diver-Red Wave Dial-Nice!

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Movado 800 Series Chrono Diver - Red Wave Dial I am an avid watch collector and have been a member here for a while. While I have not posted much on this site I always enjoyed others posts. Some members here will recognize my screen name from that other now dead/defunct site...
  7. Movado museum watch

    Just Ordered / Arrived Today!
    Hello I recently bought a vintage movado museum watch and I was wondering when it was made. The person I bought it from didn't know the age. Description It has a black well known museum dial 32mm Has movado Swiss on dial in 6 position On the back 030M035 Inside the case has stainless steel...
  8. Need help with Movado bracelet clasp

    Hi, folks, new to this forum. I have this 7 year old Movado MEZA 0604858 where the clasp got damaged, there is a little piece of metal missing (pink arrow). This is the piece that holds the teeth to keep the clasp closed, it should look as the one indicated by the yellow arrow. I can't...
  9. Can you help me identify this Movado model?

    Hi - I'm looking to sell my Movado watch. However, it's pretty old (from the late 80's) and I don't know what model it is so that I can make an informed decision as to what to ask for it. Can any of you fine people please help me out? On the back, it has two sets of numbers: The set on top...
  10. Movado Men's Watch Series 800 Chronograph 2600119 Stainless Steel Black PVD

    I am considering buying the new Movado Series 800 2600119. I am new to buying pvd watches and was hoping someone with experience, specifically in Movado PVDs, could give me some insight on how tough the coating actually is. I have done research elsewhere and the common theme is that it depends...