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  1. Just Ordered / Arrived Today!
    Just got my Sinn 144 Jubalee and wanted to share. Only 300 were made and only 100 sold in U.S.. Really liking this watch so far. Beautiful classic design imo and well executed by Sinn. Had tegmented steel with PVD coating. Even has a copper sulphate capsule to absorb moisture. Very...
  2. Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Seiko Military Style Chrongraph - NEW! I am an avid watch collector and have been a member here for a while. Some members here will recognize my screen name from that other now dead/defunct site. (Check out my sales feedback). I am still cleaning out some of...
  3. Military and Pilot Watches
    Bought this a few years ago, and wondered if anyone here could help me find out some more about it. I'm pretty sure the back isn't original (as I haven't found any other omegas with similar markings), but the movement on the serial dates it to 1943 (I believe - it's stamped 9817885). Anyone...
  4. UNIQ
    GAF44/II edition has updated design and looks more Authentic. It is FIRST SWISS MADE WATCH WITH GEORGIAN LETTERS AND TEXTS ever produced. We did not forget about functionality. We made numerals bolder and hands larger. Dial opening is bigger compared to the first edition. The most distinguished...
  5. UNIQ
    Watches of GAF series are made especially for Georgian Armed Forces. The series represent a symbol of company's pride and success! Due to this project UNIQ is first watch supplier of the Georgian Armed Forces. First order was 1100 units (4 colors) of which 100 units (4 colors) were sold by us.
1-5 of 5 Results