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  1. Opinions on our newly started watch brand, Tusenö Watches

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hi guys! A good friend of mine and I just launched our own watch brand named, Tusenö Watches, through Kickstarter. We have worked on this project since early 2014 and it has been quite a ride. We are really excited about this, but we would love some input from you guys, even though I know most...
  2. SOLD: Staib 22mm Mesh ~ $90

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Up for your consideration is a Staib 22mm mesh. The bracelet is brushed and in very good condition, with only a few minor scratches on clasp. Thick mesh, 3.5mm. All links will be included as well. CONUS Only. PayPal Only. Please PM me with any questions
  3. Steinhart Mesh Question

    Hey guys, I wanted to buy a thicker mesh for my Ocean 2. I've had it on a WJean mesh but it's a bit thin, I think for this watch. I would love to have a Steinhart branded mesh but I've heard mixed reviews about it in terms of fit and finish. Anyone care to share their experience with the mesh...