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  1. General Watch Discussions:
    Stating the obvious, most watches have a lot in common in terms of shape. There's round, rectangle or occasional square. Over the years I noticed a few that seemed to sort of be rectangles, but not quite, and that's what made them so appealing to me. I came to learn the shape was termed...
  2. General Watch Discussions:
    Legitimate Bargain at Jomashop..... I've had one eye on the Maurice Lacroix MP6807 for some time because it checks off a few of my current needs: Larger size and easy to read - at 40mm it's not considered large per se, but there's no external bezel, so the dial is quite large. . Intricate...
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    Looking for the Jours Rétrogrades with 18K bezel!
  4. General Watch Discussions:
    Hi, New to the watch world, would like to share my story and see if there is something out of the ordinary here regarding the brand, the store or the repair experience. I’ll try to keep this short! I received a Maurice Lacroix Pontos Day/Date watch as a gift. A few key things have happened...
1-4 of 4 Results