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  1. Tag Heuer
    Hello fellow Tag aficionados, Had a quick query to ask of you - the husband and I purchased a Tag Carrera automatic for me yesterday (WAR2413.BA0770) - a simple, elegant classic piece, I think, but am now unsure if I made the right decision and if I should perhaps look at another - one from the...
  2. Invicta
    New to this forum/thread. I have 12 Invicta watches and do not have a bad thing to say about them. I just bought a nused 8926C Pro Diver that has an 20mm SS band. Since it is used it did not come with any additional links and I do not have any spares in this size. Anyone have one that you can...
  3. STRAPS and Other Accessories:
    I'm sure there are several different opinions. And I am also sure the different opinions are directly related to the level of interest/commitment of the speaker...AND the number & variety of watches he owns. However - in general terms - As I begin to build a modest collection of wristwear...
1-3 of 3 Results