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  1. Watch Modifications & Builds
    The date has already been set, and we hurry to be the first to tell you the good news: we are launching a new collection of our watches on Kickstarter. You all get super discounts and gifts on launch day. Coming soon: Futuristic Nixie Watch / VFD technology
  2. General Watch Discussions:
    Hi guys, I'm Francesco and since you all clearly love watches I thought I'd share an Ultra Thin Italian designed watch we've just launced on Kickstarter. Would love you to check it out. Thanks and have a great day
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, This is Bob Shah from Vancouver Canada, and this is my new project and hope you like it:) Any thoughts or comments will be extremely valuable. Thanks, Bob
  4. General Watch Discussions:
    Hello! Wooden Watches by Arrow Project launches independently to crowd funds it's creative project after Kickstarter rejections. Visit here for more details on watch project Arrow Project If you're allergic to metal backing watches, Arrow Project sandal wooden watch has a wooden backing, so...
1-4 of 4 Results