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  1. The Draken Tugela

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    Hi Watch Freeks! I'd like to introduce myself and the watch project I have been working on. My name is Michael. I'm a South African now living in Auckland, New Zealand. About 18 months ago I bought my first automatic watch. From that moment I became obsessed with mechanical watches, but in...
  2. TiMe22 Robusto

    Other Brands:
    Hi all, My name is Marc and I am one of the founders from microbrand TiMe22. We recently launched our first model ¨Robusto¨. I was born in 1970 which means I grew up the 70’s, a time when technology was rapidly changing and a decade where self-expression and individuality were hallmarks of the...
  3. 25% funded in 2 days on Kickstarter!

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    Hi all, We launched BILLY watches on Kickstarter and we are excited to announce we have raised 25% of our goal in just 2 days! We have traveled the world to source the best quality materials at the lowest possible price. Our watches feature a RONDA Swiss Movement and genuine Italian...
  4. Peren SOD Transylvanian Moonwatch

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    Hello again everybody, My name is Andy Bica and I am back on the Watchfreeks forum with a new watch. I am happy to present you The Swiss Made Peren Son of The Dragon range, a distinctive Transylvanian Chrono Moonphase watch. The Peren SOD watch is a tribute to the greatest Transylvanian...
  5. New Hyper Thin Watch … oh and … Italian Designed!

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    Hi guys, I'm Francesco and since you all clearly love watches I thought I'd share an Ultra Thin Italian designed watch we've just launced on Kickstarter. Would love you to check it out. Thanks and have a great day
  6. Opinions on our newly started watch brand, Tusenö Watches

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    Hi guys! A good friend of mine and I just launched our own watch brand named, Tusenö Watches, through Kickstarter. We have worked on this project since early 2014 and it has been quite a ride. We are really excited about this, but we would love some input from you guys, even though I know most...
  7. Hello all...

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, This is Bob Shah from Vancouver Canada, and this is my new project and hope you like it:) Any thoughts or comments will be extremely valuable. Thanks, Bob
  8. Fabric on a Watch Face? Handmade with Global Fabrics!

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    Hey Watchfreeks! I wanted to introduce you to a new project out of San Diego called Azula. They are creating fabric faced watches, handmade with fabrics from around the world. Every watch purchased helps provide full time jobs to local artisans across the globe. They are live on Kickstarter and...
  9. Stranger Watches - Thoroughbred Collection

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    Hi folks, Hoping this post does not violate any rules and we wanted to share with you our recent launch of Thoroughbred Collection, and get your feedback. The Case The objective was to create a subtle case that would make your wrist “pop” yet not draw too much attention. We picked the 304...
  10. Azula Watches Introduction

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    Hey all! I want to start by thanking you for taking your time to check out Azula. My name is Nathan Resnick, I'm a junior at the University of San Diego and Co-Founder of Azula watches. We're creating the first-ever fabric faced watch, sourced with fabrics from around the world. Each fabric...
  11. Eco-Friendly watches | When natures meets fashion watch design

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    Hello! Wooden Watches by Arrow Project launches independently to crowd funds it's creative project after Kickstarter rejections. Visit here for more details on watch project Arrow Project If you're allergic to metal backing watches, Arrow Project sandal wooden watch has a wooden backing, so...