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  1. Citizen
    I got this nice citizen watch i really like as a gift. Unfortunately i dont have the extra links and cant seem to find any online or at any jeweler. Has anyone seen this type or know where i could look?
  2. Citizen
    Does anyone know what size and type of gasket for case-back is needed for citizen 3rd generation skyhawk watch jy0000-53e I want to do it myself (to try it) i cant find what size is the gasket Please help me i managed to change the capacitor by myself the old gasket is gone now i closed the...
  3. General Watch Discussions:
    I saw a guy wearing a great looking watch while on vacation in Mexico. It had a black band, black body and face, but the numbers and hands were fluorescent green. It might have been a dive watch. I approached the guy to complement him on the watch and see what the brand was, but he spoke...
1-3 of 3 Results